A Voice From the Past... (sumi) wrote in hardcore_disney,
A Voice From the Past...

Disney Dolls for Sale!

As a Big Nerdy Fan-Girl, as well as a Doll Collector, over the years I've accumulated a rather LARGE collection of Character Dolls. Unfortunately, Life changes, and I'm being forced to move into a much smaller space. Because of this, I can no longer justify holding onto this collection. I just don't have the space for them, and I need the money! Please help me out by giving these guys a good home!

All dolls are, unless otherwise noted, standard size for Barbie/Ken dolls, and like those dolls are fully-articulated with removable costumes. The oldest of the dolls WERE played with when I was a kid, and so some have play-damage, or have lost alternate costumes.

I am absolutely willing to do combined shipping, so if you want a whole set, you're in luck!

WARNING: The photos are very big, to show the detailing! If you have a slow connection, be warned that this post could take a LONG TIME.

PRICES: The listed Prices are what I'm asking for, as a ballpark figure. If you'd take them, if only they were 5 dollars less, or something of that sort, go ahead and make me an offer! It's a case by case basis. I'm also willing to cut deals if you want to buy more than one doll! Doesn't hurt to ask! If you want a SHIPPING QUOTE, I'll need a Zip Code in order to calculate it.

( If you can Dream... )
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